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Drowning In a Sea of Paperwork or eMail? Get a RAFT!
With our mail boxes packed with invoices and sales offers, and our electronic inbox jammed with everything imaginable, the incoming “stuff” never ends. Use the RAFT system to get control of this time eater. Hyperlink to article.

What Are You Waiting For?
The plus size community is BIG business (if you’ll pardon the pun). More than one half of our population is plus size, so this is a target market that should not be overlooked.

Welcome to the Big Busienss eNewsletter!  We hope you enjoy the tips, tools, and techniques for improving YOUR plus size business!

Drowning In a Sea of Paperwork or eMail? Get a RAFT!

RAFT is an acronym for Refer, Action, File, and Toss. This system works with email, too! Look at each postcard, letter, email, etc. and quickly sort them into one of four categories – Refer, Action, File, or Toss.

Think about it. If you get 20 pieces of mail in your inbox and take only 5 seconds to decide how to handle each one, you will spend 100 seconds (less than 2 minutes) on dealing with that tidal wave of paperwork. Can you tread water for 2 minutes? Probably.

BUT, if you handle each piece several times and ponder what to do, that 2 minutes could turn into 2 hours. It’s doubtful you can comfortably do the doggie paddle for that long, so you need a RAFT to take you to safety.

Here’s how it works:

Refer: This is mail to pass on to an associate, friend, secretary, relative, etc. It may be business related, or not. Just get it out of your pile and into the out box! Use junk mail and spam stoppers on your computer to help minimize the flow.

Action: Some of these can be handled immediately and others may need additional information or investigation before action can be completed. To avoid distraction, resist action until all incoming papers or emails have been sorted.

File: This is information you believe you need to keep for future reference. Mark the file subject on the front, and, if appropriate, mark a discard date on it, too.

Magazines and newspapers fall into this category. Keep them in a pile rather than in a file cabinet. If you haven’t read a magazine within a year or a newspaper within a week, by all means toss it before it grows into an ugly and overwhelming heap. An exception may be to keep Buyers’ Guides and Resource Issues for 1 or 2 years before tossing.

Toss: Here’s where you TRULY need to be strong. Unless you are REALLY interested (in which case you’ll take action), or know you REALLY need this info (in which case you’ll file it) …..just TOSS IT!

Chances are the same junk mail will appear in your box again. At that time you can decide to refer it, take action, file it, or toss it …again.

So, next time those waves of mail are crashing over your head, reach for your RAFT and use the time you’ll save to do something more enjoyable than wading through your mail!

What are you waiting for?
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